Root canals, lost fillings, and teeth grinding all result in teeth that are not structurally sound.  If your  root system is healthy, but the surface of your tooth is the problem, a crown may be a good choice for sprucing up that smile. There are three types of crowns: gold, ceramic and ceramic-veneered gold. Gold and metal-ceramic crowns are extremely durable and are generally used in areas where  the stress from chewing and grinding are most  prevalent. Ceramic crowns are used for front and  back  teeth,  since  they are able to match  the  natural  tooth color.

Dr. Levine will take  an  impression  of  your  tooth  and  send it to a dental laboratory for creation. He will place a temporary crown on your tooth while you wait for the permanent crown to  be made; this process usually takes  about two weeks. When your permanent crown arrives, we will remove the temporary crown and adhere the new permanent crown to  your  tooth.  It may be necessary to stabilize your tooth with a filling before your new crown can be placed.

Dr. Levine will be happy to discuss the merits of crowns and how they may benefit your oral health at your next appointment. Please call us today!



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