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Why Professional Tooth Whitening?

These days there are numerous “off the shelf” options for tooth whitening, so why see your dentist for this service?

Tooth  Whitening  has two types of application:

  • Professional office- application with strong percentage of gel.
  • At home-with trays or strips with a much lower dose of whitening gel.

Here is the difference . We are a GLO professional office trained to deliver this treatment in a safe and effective method. We apply a special barrier to protect the gums.  All tooth whitening is done with a hydrogen peroxide gel or a family of similar chemicals to remove dark stains.

Our licensed bleaching strength is 30% and works in 30 minutes The take home kits you purchase at a  Spa, Cosmetic Department, or on-line offer a bleaching strength of just 9%.

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As a Glo Professional practice, Dr. Levine and his staff oversee the procedure from start to finish, ensuring the proper positioning and treatment plan.

G.L.O. (guided light optics) technology has revolutionized whitening by addressing the compromises of other whitening systems.

The Glo Teeth Whitening Device illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms, accelerating the hydrogen peroxide gel.

You get faster, more efficient, and longer-lasting whitening without the sensitivity—and it comes complete with Whitening Gel G-vials, an ultra-hydrating mint flavored GLO Lip Treatment, and a convenient USB charging port.

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At the office of Jack Levine, DDS, we are committed to a comfortable dental experience. Spa dentistry includes pillows, warm blankets, soft music and hot face towels.

If you have a special request to enhance your comfort, just ask.  We are happy to accommodate.