Amalgam Removal

We work closely with other medical providers to detoxify your system of offensive heavy metals.

Mercury fillings, also known as “silver fillings” or amalgam fillings, are common filling materials. For decades, the ADA has steadfastly stated that mercury was tightly bound within amalgam and could not possibly get out. Chemists and toxicologists, on the other hand, point out that not only does mercury escape, but its  release  is  greatly  enhanced  by chewing and heat. The World Health Organization has published  research which shows  that  between   3-17 micrograms  of mercury is released into the body every day  simply by chewing with dental mercury fillings. At present there is no known safe limit of mercury ingestion. Mercury tends to accumulate within your body, for we, as humans do not have a good mechanism for eliminating this toxic material.

Another issue with mercury filling material is its lack of compatibility with new filling material. Many of the replacement materials, including bonded resins, can be almost as damaging to the immune system of susceptible patients. After removal of all incompatible substances and replacement with biocompatible materials, the final process of healing  begins.

We feel that it is very important for the patient to follow the guidelines and recommendations of their attending health professional through the final phase. We follow the protocol of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It is our goal to establish a team approach and have a close working relationship with the referring practitioner in order to ensure optimal patient health. If you are interested in getting your amalgam filling removed, please give us a call.



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